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Subject: Opening Ceremony of Bio GMP
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Opening ceremony of Dewoong-Infion Biopharmaceutical plant in Surabaya


Daewoong-Infion completed construction of biopharmaceutical GMP plant

Annual manufacturing capacity is 4 million syringes for Epodion (Erythropoietin alfa. Expected annual sale in first year (2016) is 50 billion IDR.


Infion held the opening ceremony of Daewoong-Infion biopharmaceutical plant in 23 Apr. Daewoong pharmaceutical is Korean company and annual sales about 7 trillion IDR.


Infion signed establishment of joint-venture company with Daewoong pharmaceutical in Mar 2012. They started construction in 2013, and they completed construction in Dec 2014.

In opening ceremony, President of Daewoong pharmaceutical Jongwook Lee, President of Infion Widjaja Sarwono, Head of BPOM Roy A. Sparringa, President of Airlannga university and many colleagues of university doctors were attending.


Daewoong-Infion start manufacturing of Epodion in Surabaya plant, annual manufacturing quantity is 4 million syringes, net sales of first year is 50 billion IDR. And they plan get possession of 90% of Erythropoietin market in Indonesia.

Market size of EPO of Indonesia is 300 billion IDR, CAGR of 3 years is 20%. They plan manufacturing follow-up product as diabetic ulcer foot treatment biological drug Easyef(epidermal growth factor) and human growth hormone Caretropin cartridge.


Mr.Roy, Head of BPOM, said Daewoong-Infion biopharmaceutical plant is first biological plant of Indonesia and I expect this plant will contribute to set up of infrastructure of biological product in Indonesia. BPOM will help the domestic sale and export of product of Daewoong-Infion.


Mr.Lee, President of Daewoong Pharmaceutical, said “I appreciate to all colleagues of BPOM and MoH regarding supporting and interesting for us. Daewoong and Infion will take all effort for Indonesia pharmaceutical industry and export of global biopharmaceutical products in our trust.